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You know the whole scaffold tower, experimental day, hard hat, glasses down my bra fiasco about 3 posts back? Turns out the whole exercise may have been futile. I have been asked if I can show my work in the foyer instead. Now the advantages of saying yes to this at the moment, in my head, outweigh the disadvantages, but if anyone has any comments to chuck at me, I’d be grateful.

In the basement, my little figures turned in the air currents gently and silently, and in a dim light, casting dancing shadows on the floor – will add a photo, but the video thingy won’t work.

In the foyer, it will be lighter, it wont be silent, and they will certainly move more.

The huge advantage, as I see it, is that everyone will see it. Possibly only people related to those whose work is in the basement will get to see it there, many visitors to the show might not be arsed to go down the stairs.

Another advantage, personal rather than self-seeking-fame-chasing-profile-raising, might be that I will be forced to look at it differently myself. Will these figures be more playful in the space of the foyer, where they can be mingled with, and looked down upon from many different angles? Will the light make them even more ambiguous? Was I putting them in the dark to point people in a certain direction?

Also… looking at this photo I am reminded that the floor is better in the foyer.

There was a suggestion that I might sing from the balcony on the PV evening. That, regretfully, will be a no…I think… a bit too exposing and pretentiously operatic. The song is definitely to be sung in the dark…repressed, not celebratory…