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Contentment is comprised of a sunny autumnal day, a pot of glue and some fabric. Tea helps too. I decided that being admin fixated and formfilling monster were doing me no good. So this is what I’ve been doing this afternoon. It is an old idea, not re-visited as much as visited… when I did the first ones, it was just a trial, then I got distracted and never took it anywhere. So a little exploration is in order today, while I get the chance. I like the idea that it will change as the leaves change and fall… one of them fell while I started to glue, so I won’t have to wait long.

I have also felt frustrated that I have musical ideas in my head that aren’t going anywhere either. I can’t seem to do these when there is ANYTHING else to do. I don’t know if this is because I hold such projects in such high regard and delight that I need to show them deference and give them the time they deserve; or if I am still so new at them that I have to concentrate fully; or that I’m so crap at them that the first attempts have to be done in secret and worked on for ages before I want anyone to hear them. My strangled attempts to sing or make any kind of tuneful noise at these early stages are dire, pitiful, embarrassing. So maybe the last one then… mostly.