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Think I’m ready.

I’ve got all the work either framed, dowelled, cellophane wrapped. Or stuffed (yes, stuffed).

It is in a pile clogging up the sitting room. I had to flatten it out a bit last night because the tv remote wouldn’t work. I keep adding things to the pile in the manner of children collecting scrap wood for a bonfire: hammer, blutack, masking tape, little red dots, cash box (ever hopeful), duster, windolene….

I also have a list, actually, several lists.

I think I’ll just take everything.

I suspect I will look haggard and bewildered by the end of next week. I am hoping the red lipstick will dazzle people into not looking any further. I shall also point at things to distract them.

I’m actually quite pleased with what I see before me. I think the work shows development of ideas, visual links to Bo’s work, and a nod in the direction of the body of work I ended up showing for my MA last year. It has grown, but not so much to not be recognised as mine. I can also see where I might go next, which is reassuring! As I have said in my last post for “pix” the joint blog to go with the exhibition, this isn’t what I expected it all to look like, but it’s better.

All I want to do now is figure out how to hang it with Bo’s half…

Hurry up Sunday!