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I’d like to get a few folks together and deliver/lead some sort of textiles workshop for artists. Not a craft workshop, an artist workshop. That’s not to say I can’t demonstrate a few techniques along the way, but I think this could be good… for me too…

What I’m thinking is, a full day, including lunch of some variety, cake, tea, coffee, you know the deal… and some exploration, experimentation, play and discussion on found textiles, old stuff, items with a bit of history… a tale to tell. I can provide basic materials and equipment, then you bring along your own stuff too. We play, mangle, manipulate, photograph, print… project… stitch… layer… maybe collaborate too… Our products from the day can be exhibited… if we want… and can invite others in at the end of the day maybe, to have a nose at what we have done, bit of a group crit, further the discussion….

I’m thinking about 6 people here in jolly Dudley, in and around my studio… cost yet to be decided…

If anyone is interested in this, let me know and I’ll sort it out… probably in the new year when we are feeling in need of a push?