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I don’t really have anything meaningful to write this morning. But, I am going into hospital for a little minor knee surgery this afternoon and felt the need… I am an optimistic sort of person, and have no fear of surgery, but a fatalistic view of general anaesthetics!

I have, optimistically, gathered materials and equipment from the studio to have at hand at home until I am sufficiently recovered to drive/climb extra stairs etc.

This gathering was done with absolutely no sense of order or thought. I seemed unable to make decisions, so grabbed a couple of the bras, a sketchbook, some basic sewing equipment, some pens and pencils. An Elena Thomas Basic Survival Kit if you like… I will have my laptop on my lap probably at all times other than while on the table… Can’t have the surgeon interfering with my social media can I?

So… leaving you with a thought while I’m away, which I’m assured will be less than 24 hours…

Music… have a listen to:

Clem Snide “Bread”

Stick it on repeat and I’ll be back soon.

PS. Home now, survived!