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Fifteen days since the knee op. Can’t drive yet… another couple of weeks probably before I can get back behind the wheel. I am climbing the stairs, one at a time, good leg first, like a toddler. I can walk a couple of hundred yards at a time, that’s all. But I’m getting there. Every day it is a little bit stronger and I can walk a little bit further, and it hurts less.

oh but I am stir crazy now… the Arts Council success means I have a real project to get my teeth into, but can’t quite get there yet… haven’t yet got the money, the energy, or the legs for it, but my brain is fizzing!

My diary is filling up…planning… recording sessions… meeting radio people… visits to galleries and other artists…

I have some sewing here, a lovely red bra… tiny… highly padded… one wonders why this woman would bother… but I’m desperate to be doing it in the studio, instead of at home with my feet up.

It doesn’t feel like proper work sat here…