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After my last post about not being bothered about the theory of others being applied to any work I might do, it not being my problem, I started to think about my own philosophy… what do I think about with the bit of brain that isn’t thinking about French philosophers?




Multiple meanings are useful to an artist and writer.

I make no apologies for romanticism in what follows..

Fibres twisted to make them stronger.

Woven, or stitched through, or laid down to reinforce, connect.

A train of thought can be twisted to make it stronger.

A conversation… collaboration

A link to something past… A light connection… Or some object, perceptible?

My personal blog is called “Threads” for a reason. It’s not just the textile but the text. The threads between words and music and object are held together by the noun and the verb. The thought and the action.

The blog threads itself through my artist life. I see the thread as something that holds the thoughts together. It twists itself around… Sometimes ethereal… Fog-like… Other times as thin/strong as spider web, sometimes like rope, bound around… So dense like the trunk of a tree…. Branching off….yet still connected…

When I encounter the thread~wisp of fog of an idea I don’t know how strong it is. But when it wraps itself around others, it gets stronger. It is supported by previous thoughts and knits together with new thought.

The thread is my personal, internal, tangible philosophy.

A more home-spun and idiosyncratic version of Deleuze’s rhizome?

The thread governs my thoughts. Knots, snipped scraps of excess thread on my desk are simultaneously real and metaphorical. The textile metaphors that weave through our speech reminders of our industrial and creative heritage. They are everywhere. I see them as signs.

Coincidences connect us to each other… Invisible threads between people and places.

How I live my life these days is, when I look closely, all about these threads, connecting and binding friendships and loves, thoughts, ideas and the language used to express them.

Words hold power.

THREAD is a powerful word/deed/concept

It haunts me…