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(That’s tired rather than bored!)

I feel I should blog about it… but quite weary!

I’m just going to say that live music works well in the gallery. I will be organising more of this.

The gallery looks great, Steve Evans’ work looks fantastic on the nice newly painted white walls.

Dave Sutherland was fab… I love his songs and his playing.

He took advantage of the fact I’d had a couple of beers and made me sing too! Turns out, actually, after a couple of beers I don’t have to be made to do anything, I just say “Yeaaaahhh!”

But it was a bit of a practice I suppose for July.

If anyone out there fancies having a go at having an ArtSpace Conversation, let me know… I’m going to be pairing people up in my head now all the time!


so… That’s it for now. I’m going for a lie down!

(It’s not a hangover, I’m just tired!)