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I went shopping to my favourite vintage shop.
It’s in Bromyard, Herefordshire, but worth a trip.

I’m looking at children’s clothes again for a new project, more about which later, when it has coalesced into something more meaty!

I found these two items, I don’t yet know if I will use either or both, or if I find something I like better, neither! But knowing the way I go about things, I have established a relationship with these garments… Yes … I know…. You don’t have to tell me it’s weird, I’m just telling you that’s how it is, ok? They will be used at some point soon.

What I look for is rather hard to pin down, but probably is “just” to do with character. The garment has character, which enable me to know the wearer.

What is very unusual for me is the fact I bought the blue coat… It has never been worn, the labels are still attached, the lining is faded rather than stained or worn. It is, I feel, this absence that might make this coat the very thing to use………