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I don’t often post twice in one day, but I’ve been having technical issues with Soundcloud, which have just been resolved, so before it all goes pear-shaped again, thought I would post this, that I intended to post a few days ago!

I’m not going to write much about this one, but wanted to post it, as it illustrates a bit of a shift again…

This is the first vocal I have properly recorded in the new studio. What I found is that I wanted my voice to fill the room. So I shut the door, plugged everything in and let rip a bit.

It is a work in progress, the vocal is by no means perfect, and neither is the production or recording, but it is another bookmark.

The song “Above the Fold” is a songwriting collaboration between Nicki Kelly, Bruford Low (on piano) and I from a few weeks ago. They have both worked on different versions of the same song. It may be that between us there is a definitive super-song, but it might stay as three versions…

The phrase “above the fold” refers to those headlines that everyone sees, because they sit above the fold…..