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Here we are then…

My exhibition Cause and Effect is down. Sold works are packed ready to be delivered or collected. The large drawings are rolled up again in the corner of the studio. I feel it was a successful outing for new work. I have learned much about it, and where it sits in amongst the other cogs of my practice.

I have already started another large drawing and it sits draped across and over the edge of my large table.

I started it before the end of the show on purpose, to stop me moping about. I think it worked. Mostly. Although I do think a degree of moping about is natural after a show.

There are also those thoughts of “What next?” I would like to show this elsewhere, a little further afield maybe… pondering where…

As Sarah Goudie said during the talk on Sunday, the show is a moment of pause, a pinnacle from which to look around and figure out what it all is.

I have a few workshops planned over the autumn:

…and quite a lot of gigs with The Sitting Room.

The vibe around General Office at the moment is very exciting! It really feels like we are making our presence felt here. We have had Big Draw events and the studio artists hold all sorts of workshops. Exhibitions and talks are planned well into 2020 now, and this week our grand front stairwell has been turned into a real gallery space, with the help of a load of scaffolding and a huge amount of paint, grey to match the main gallery, and the most intense orange on the huge wall! I can’t wait to see some art on it! Its going to be very striking! The floors still need attention, but we are getting there, and much faster than I had expected. We even have proper signage outside now so it is easier for people to find us!

It is a real boost to be part of a dynamic organisation dedicated to raising the profile of fine art and contemporary artists in the Black Country. I feel very fortunate!

The gallery space is great – light and calm – and it’s for hire if you think your work would look good here, get in touch through the facebook page link above.