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I do feel quite sad.

I was really pleased with the work, pleased that the RBSA had approved my proposal and supported me so well in the run up and installation, and enthused about it on social media.

I met some lovely people, some of whom I hope to continue the conversation with.

I’ve had the most amazing six months, but of course that doesn’t mean that there will be instant or even any follow up. So while I am optimistic, I am also a realist. This might be the best six months I ever get, so I have to soak it up, and be thankful that it all happened, just in case it never does again.

So I think I will leave it there for now… with thanks for all those who have helped me to get to America and back, and to Birmingham and back. You’ve made my life amazing lately!

Here are some wonderful photos of Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks by Kathryn Sawbridge, fellow ARBSA colleague and friend…