Dear Blog, it is now some time since my last post and lots has been happening since then:

  • I have applied to submit my work in a London gallery – invited to submit some work, but then rejected at the second stage;
  • I have applied for a commission and been accepted for a collaborative approach to the brief to be developed with another glass maker. It will be challenging but, hopefully, constructive;
  • applied for a group exhibition at the Devon Guild next year to describe the commissioning process. Selections will be made in September), so I will have to wait until then before I know if I have been selected or not;
  • I also spent some time in France working on a completely different front.

I have to admit, the rejection was the hardest to accept. I have waited years before applying, probably due to the fear of being rejected.

There is an Italian song that says: “….and of unsuccesses never talk about…..”. Instead I believe we should all shout louder about them and share our feelings, because rejection means a failure and that could undermine our own fragile self confidence (easily done in the current climate with so few opportunities on offer).

…. and last, but not least, – most of the TLC samples I made using my DIY facility for EVA lamination have started to show bad signs of de-lamination. It must be to do with the lamination process itself, because samples where TLCs weren’t included have also been affected. When trying any new product or process time is always an important test; waiting and observing closely and patiently for any effects over time.

I need to understand what is the cause of this but, in the meantime, I have decided to start some major works using the TLCs and process that have demonstrated a stable outcome and to treat these as prototypes.
One of the more interesting aspect of experimenting with TLCs is that it is possible to apply different layers of them that will react at different temperature ranges. The image below shows the dynamic changes that result.