The a-n bursary that supported my research and training into setting up a dedicated arts radio station culminated in webcasting a pilot for an online radio station that ran from 7 to 21 December 2018.

Here is the second part of my feedback on the artists, composers and writers who made programmes:

Composers Bobbie Gardner, Andy Spackman (Sad Man) and Robin Buckley (RKSS) each presented recently composed works. Artists Mo White, Andrew Jackson and Dan Auluk each presented soundtracks from moving image works they had made. Artist Ian Richards and artist duo Tolley Georgiou each presented dynamic sound collages that explored dark themes.

Composers Henry McPherson, Andrew Hamilton and Justin Wiggan each presented new works. Writer Mike Johnston presented a series of poetic works ‘Four Concatenations’. Artists Cathy Wade, Ben Sadler and Mark Murphy each experimented with the mixtape format in the making of 60 minute programmes. Paris based writer and broadcaster Paul Wright presented a daily edition of Ubanstates that explored art and well being.

You can find links to all of the artists mentioned the Part One and Part Deux reviews on the Transmission website ‘Meet the Programme Makers’ http://radiotransmission.co.uk/

Over the fourteen days we had a steady level of listeners and you can see from the below that was that people were listening from across the UK.