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After a surreal and beautiful journey home (empty trains through an empty landscape right through France on a gorgeous spring day), I came back to confined London. Like most other people, I have a lot of unknowns to deal with, trying to work out how to survive, how to make sense of my days, how to live alone in isolation.

I come back with all this work done and not done. So I am thinking a lot about how and where I could take it. The university in Grenoble may or may not be in a position to invite me back, but if they do it will only be for a couple of performances, not the depth of research I had planned. I am in touch with the dancers, and we exchange news from our isolation bubbles, and ideas for new tasks and exercises with trees where we are. I’m working on small maps close to home, along the lines of the big one I made in Grenoble (which I had to leave there, I have no idea what will become of it as it’s on 8 big A1-A0 sheets, just stored in the workshop). I’m thinking of performances and interventions I might propose, but I’m not a digital artist and I’m not thinking of putting this work online at the moment (not sure how I would do that anyway). I plan to carry on with the idea to design the business cards, they might be a start for a shared activity that can be done alone. But it’s important to me as well that this is a collective thing. As we all are, I wait and see.