So, after a couple months of trying to get together to draw trees, Greg and I finally managed to meet up for a walk through the Kearsney Parks in Dover – various previous efforts having been thwarted by busy schedules, illness, broken-down cars…

The project started as a spontaneous suggestion from Greg that we draw trees together, following on from us both taking part in the Woods to Where Else project last year which saw us in King’s Wood near Ashford responding to the woods as a site of industry as well as leisure. Or at least I think that might have been the catalyst.

Anyhow, we took a wander through the parks, looking at Alice, a sculptural platform in Kearsney Abbey Park by Alma Tischler Wood being built for Art in the Park, Kearsney Interpreted*,

then into Russell Gardens

and after a potted history of the gardens by me, we both settled down to draw the same tree.

Greg’s choice of location next… and we might continue the idea of drawing the same tree each time and seeing what happens.

*An Arts Council funded project being delivered by Dover District Council in partnership with Dover Arts Development

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