i’m getting better with applying opportunities.  i’ve learnt the benefit of putting the application together early and spending time editting and refining.  this is in the majority  down to my dyslexia.

it’s also in part due to finding opportunities to which i feel i fit better.

this in turn is down to making things that resonate with me.


i accpet that i’m no where near ready to do be part of the kind of opportunity i dream of being part of.  this is a two tiered readiness.  i’ll not go into details.


something that keeps returning is the thought of not chasing the money.  one day i will have personal connections that will lead me to money through what i do. …. …. through who i am.  that’s the main dream … being paid for being me.


i don’t know if this is naive.


i don;t know if i should admit such personal things.


i do find it easier to talk about me than the work i make and i hope this to be a strength.  of the work …. i’d rather that the audience are free of shackles imposed by me and smile when i realise that in not imposing any shackles do actually impose something.  by doing this i am asking the viewer(s) to look and be at one with what i have made.  i see this as resonating with the beginnings of abstraction where the paintings were being asked to be viewed in a different manner than paintings that had been before


is there potential here for something for next year ….




i’m not sure if this is the first bit of reflecting on this blog.  i mean i’m bound to have reflected on previous posts, it is after all one thing i do lots of.

when i began this blog i knew i wanted to attempt 12 submissions this year and i really must find out how many it’s been.  the majority are unsuccesful so in that sense i’m just like the majority of artists.

so as i munch a chocolate crepe and wait for my tea to cool, am i about to launch into something that is fast going to become a bit of a bore ?




ok. so what instead?



there’s a start.


sip tea.




i’ve been considering the block paving senario.

this is the senario of a company specialising in block paving being called upon to make an area of block paving.

i’ve been part of the block paving senario before my fine art degree. i was known for doing something specific and i earned money as a result.  unlike block pavers, i wasn’t able to adapt when the technology advanced. however that’s not srtictly correct as i questioned wether i wanted to adapt, if i wanted to keep doing the same thing.  as a high up proctor and gamble man said once “if we continue doing the same thing, we’ll continue getting the same results ….. .”

so i watch a block paving company block pave and i see in myself that i don’t offer a block paving service. i do have the mentoring service ticking over and those who i work with are happy with their progress.

and then there’s the artist as parent senario.  this further feeds into the block paving senario because of the intervening one with the other.



(reflect on written so far).


within my world currently is much excitement in the family home. we’re getting to grips with the source of  ingress of water and beginning the drying out process.  the house has been letting in more water than my friends canal boat.

this excitement at home gets little work done BUT what it does do is get me to a happier place. abstraction gets me to a happier place too.


the wonderful thing of not being a block paver is that i’m not in receipt of phone calls needing new areas of block paving.  this does concern me of course, how can i continue as a block paver without getting any orders for block paving?



for now i’m pave at home and make it a comfortable attractive place to be and when i’ve finished  will see if i’m still a block paver or actually something else.


in my home i’ll always be a block paver.





making my own opportunity: “the twitter exhibition gives me a short term focus” @andrewsugars http://t.co/aIwpcAPEYk

— a-n Blogs (@an_artblogs) November 6, 2014


when this tweet was published it appeared to me that short term meant until the day that i published the images.

when planning the publishing i always considered that the tweets would arrive at one place.

today i’ve completed that process.




in publishing the images at minute intervals i was exploring exhibition in a digital space with the minute intervals providing the visitor with an experience of coming across an image as one might do in a traditional wall mounted exhibition.



now in an archival sense, i’ve made a permanant exhibition by placing them all in the same html space.




i think both are exhibitions in their own right.
click here to visit the permanent exhibition