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in recent news, belper have won a national competition. part of the prize is mentoring packages for locals.  this morning we’ve connected corridor arts to suggesting some mentoring.

corridor arts is something i’ve been involved with since 2010. it’s a group activity that when i step back and reflect upon it, it’s actually quite succesful in what it does. it’s certainly more succesful than my personal practice in connecting to bodies external of itself.

corridor is building an attractive set of partners.  this morning i started to dream of adding the forestry commission.

our idea this morning is to suggest to the prize holder that corridor arts can benefit for some mentoring.  we’d love for that to be our contact we made at the forestry commission through our #goandseebursary.


in my reflection of this 12 in 14 process i note that the activity with bringing people together as one of it’s main intentions is more succesful than my own practice in which i’m simply exploring my own ideas.  the notion of success being one of connecting to and being recognised by others.

i see a need to reconsider how much time i put into making my own stuff and how much time i put into corridor.  this is going to be made easy at the moment as i need to create something to represent the art walk idea. i think we have a title and a web address for it.  the next thing is to craft a call out and spread the word about it.  as well as the art walk, belper now has an award winning high street.