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all things happen when they need to.


tonight i need to write  a post to link from this blog to the next.  within the framework of reflection, the next blog has come about because of this one.

this one saw me attempt 18 responses to opportunities. some were more of an opportunitiy than others. i’ve leanrt about myself in doing what i’ve done this year.

my life is controlled by ups and downs some of which i have control of and others i do not.  ups are fueled by positive interactions with others.  i strive for more positive interactions.

i’ve reflected upon my vunerability while blogging.  i’m in control of that vunerability and see the benefits of being vunerable.  i need to manage how my feeling vunerable affects my ability to be me and to makes things.

this evening the last of 2014, there is a tension in the air like a fire in a stove burning red hot and in need of a little more air to produce a bright yellow flame.

i hold my head up and look to the horizon, inhale the cold crisp dry night air, smile and wait to walk some more.

thank you to all of you who have read this blog, interacted with it and tweeted about it.