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this is oliver.  over lockdown i’ve photographed him so i have images to send to a friend via whatsapp.  the images act as a catalyst to get in touch.


this is graham.  since march lockdown he’s streamed a dj set every monday night.  we’ve never physically met.  we share an interest in creating visuals with isadora and listening to music that moves us.  we chat during his set.  the mix starts at 9pm on mixcloud.



oliver likes to spend time in boxes and other small enclosed spaces.



this is an image made from a sketch created in isadora, it’s one of the most recent images i have for my virtual background in zoom.  the research i’m doing in isadora began thanks to the arts council covid-19 emergency funding in may – i wanted to planning for the future through researching how creating real time visualisations act as a way of grounding myself.  i listen to the mixes made by graham while working in isadora.



oliver likes to drink from a tap.



i’m using public transport to travel to wirksworth and derby.



i’m using an online project management website to try to understand where i am at the moment.  by this i mean i’ve become a little lost within my practice.  part of this process is to understand how i feel about creating physical objects – at this time of human evolution and why it’s an important thing to do.



oliver is a cat.  the affectionate times are short – compared to those of our dog florence.



oliver sleeps alot.




this is me.


i’m going through a time of self consciousness and questioning set up because i’m not in regular contact now with people and processes i was engaged in – because we’re in a pandemic.

part of my process is to be honest about it with myself and you.


inclusion mix 37 by graham.

the faithless tack was my birthday request :)