Just recently finished, this new piece returns to the Un-fictions ideas where the blog started. I have taken the snapshots project ideas into the annuals project to merge the ideas and explore connections between real and fictional in a different way.

Here the public and private issues earlier researched are put together so that the public currency of the fictional annual, is etched into with the private source images from family snapshots.

If family albums are mediated through time and selection, then here they are mediated through a sequencing and configuration that mirrors that of the fictional interior of the book and its narrative structure. Making the sequencing of the images more directly related to a particular fiction than the universal nature of the independently taken snapshot.

This seems to work and later versions may integrate the ideas in a more particular narrative.

Next ideas are emerging around the use of images of the real from a history relating to the annual dates playing the real public history against the fictional narrative, so that the public comic may read as private as its intimate printed form would differ from the public news images. It would be in the disemination of the two forms that the inconsistency would lie. We will see.

Until then, this is where I have got to at the moment.