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An enduring and disturbing memory from the Body Extended exhibition (2016, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds), was that of disembodied prosthetics, objectified, separated and observed. The sense of the artificial limb (or disabled ‘part’) being the only thing that is engaged with is all too familiar, as if that is all there is, all that is important… Perhaps such experience is why Square Peg’s Centre of Attention exhibition is both timely and necessary.

Re-contextualizing fashion and prosthetics, the exhibition showcases bespoke prosthetics that become an extension of the persons personality, enhancing their capabilities and expressing something of who they are, what they are interested in and how they exist in the world.  Prosthetics from The Alternative Limb Project, commissioned for model Kelly Knox are on display, along with mouldings, and stunning fashion photography that challenges pre-conceptions about disability and body ideals. An intriguing film aims to provoke conversation about identity, personality and body image.

The exhibition is presented in an empty shop in Hull’s Princes Quay shopping centre, alongside fashion retailers in a busy thoroughfare –  the exhibition is ideally placed to stimulate conversation and challenge preconceptions.

At last, an exhibition that sees the person, and the possibilities, not just the problem…

Centre of Attention is a collaborative project between Artlink’s Square Peg, The Alternative Limb Project, Fly Girl Films, and Kelly Knox.