I have been making films exploring concepts of constraint or confinement for several years. The work evolves through physical experiment, whereby I am the subject, maker and the medium of the work, and it has been fundamental to the work that I am present. For further details see my website

Working in this way has raised questions about communicating through movement. I am considering the differences between the trained and the untrained body. I am questioning whether, although important to me, I need to be present in the work or whether my ideas could be realised differently or more effectively by working with a choreographer and possibly dancers.

I consequently set out to investigate the potential for collaborative working with a choreographer. Having taken advice from Dance East I approached the choreographer and dancer, see Darren’s website .

There is considerable overlap between our preoccupations. We met several times and viewed each others work, in performance and exhibition. We had preliminary discussions about mutual interests and my current ideas for in working within a dense web of elastic.

This blog tracks our collaboration, supported in 2013/14 using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, a New Collaborations bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company, and generous support from individuals. This research is informing our individual work and our collaboration as we move forward.


I think these have a certain “noir” quality!  Lots unsaid.

I really like the way the mood goes from amusing suspense to pathos in the Fitting In film. Reminds me of people sleeping on the streets.

I think the multiple image of Daren on the step, working into the charcoal against the white wall, is particularly effective and seems like a natural extension of the ideas, images and work you have been engaged in from the outset. I think it is hugely effective as a stand-alone video piece.  I also like the section where you seem to be delicately and tentatively lowering yourself onto the charcoal coated floor, then (embryonically) thinking about your position and struggling to get up again, with fingers and toes.


Two films recording our occupation of The Minories in Colchester during the exhibition Making Space are now posted on Vimeo.

The first Fitting In records Darren and I settling into the galleries and making ourselves at home.

The second Fitting In (drawing) is footage of us drawing in the space where our photographs and drawings were installed. The two films completed our installation in the exhibition.


Great day fitting in at The Minories and the evidence of our presence along with films will be added to the exhibition Making Space from today until the show ends on 24 December.



Darren and I will turn up on Sunday next and occupy The Minories. Mirroring the research we’ve been doing over the last few months and the images installed in the show Making Space, we will endeavour to fit in to the galleries and adapt unpromising, possibly unwelcoming, space to our requirements.


Kaavous has done a great job installing our research material in the Making Space show. A level row of bulldog clips runs round the large gallery so that photographs and drawings can be hung and added to. The only other work in this space is a sound work by Phil Mill, which works really well..