The Open Studio was really useful for testing ways of showing the work emerging from our research, and getting responses from viewers – listen here

I really liked the way you cannot encounter your work with indifference, it gives you a feeling of frustration/ claustrophobia, and also helplessness, as you can’t step in to help!! I really admire the way you tell us enough about the themes without telling too much. On the drive home from your open studio I realised it had given me confidence to do what I was doing, namely, exploring the inner feelings of ‘fear/constraint/ restriction’ (but I think with different meaning to your use of the words, or at least different origin), and not make the whole process sound like an art therapy session !! Or introspective crap, or just wanky self indulgent moaning!! …….

Back to your Open Studio, I think I found the video of Hannah in the living room the most spellbinding, her movements were so relentlessly awkward and upsetting (beautiful too) and made me think of ‘constraint, confinement, resistance and adaption’ the relentlessness of it made me feel powerless, quite voyeuristic and also fascinated. Aesthetically it was quite lovely, which sounds like a contradiction due to the themes.