Fine Art BA

Great facilities and studio space and good students to work with.


missing uni class is soooo horrid i sometimes feel that i have done something really bad and that i have reeeeeally missed out. But i am ill and it is just one of those things, i can catch up!

its been great to see some of my images printed off i may take more and experiment. I am still waiting for the shop project to take off i really really want a shop!!! not to buy!!! it will be great to experiment with reflections and the space.

LALA LEVEL 6 video blog 5


i have no idea what is going wrong with technology at the moment. its something very frustrating that something so simple can be so frustrating!

Reflecting on what i am experiencing. Not had problems like this for a long time!

Reflecting on the works in progress


i am trying to share my videos this hopefully will bring out my voice more. The need to be more audible and projecting my work and processes in engaging with my work is easily done via confessions and this links in with my work of the ADMISSIONS theme and mirror works.

this is video blog number 2