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Hello there,

Here is another round up of this slogan project.

Week 2 was originally from 8th – 14th July.

Friday 15th July 2016 – Slogans Project Week 2

So then I happen to have gotten it together to write this summary having made a vague promise to myself that I would last week.

A week’s worth of slogans. And it’s been so eventful again. What a time to be alive, to be an aware of world events.  It’s just…every day there’s new fresh hell.

Plenty to think, make and write about for Slogans.

Starting from Friday 8th July 2016

Slogan 8 I Never Thought I’d Grow Up To Be So Unhappy

I’ve written “Bit of a downer for a Friday but it’s been a shite week again hasn’t it.”
What did I mean specifically?  The whole week was awful. If it wasn’t the ridiculous antics of the PLP it was the farce that was the Tory PM appointment and then all the senseless heartbreaking violence in the US.


Later that day I went to my local CLP all members meeting.  Mixed emotions afterwards, ended up drinking a little too much wine when I got home.

Hi Ho.

It was a friday.

Therefore Saturday was pretty much a day off hence Slogan 9 Duvet Day


Over the weekend I read about Jane Elliott and her phenomenal work.

This influenced Slogan 10 Bigotry And Prejudice Are Learnt Behaviours


On Monday 11th July 2016 Angela Eagle announced the announcement she made a couple of days previously.


Or it would be if there wasn’t this dreadful feeling of threat going down within the Labour Party.

I’m a paid up and loyal member however I’m beginning to feel apprehensive in expressing how unhappy I am with the centrists in the party.  (Though I am kinda doing it here and now).

Angela Eagle’s bright blond and pink campaign launch was upstaged by Andrea Leadsom (also a blond pink lady) withdrawing from the Tory leadership fight.  And then it turns out that Theresa May is now our new Prime Minister.

I wouldn’t mind if any of these women were properly feminist and just and kind and…likeable.  None of them are though.

Hi ho.


Slogan 11 I Can’t Be Arsed With This Nonsense Any Longer


I keep swinging from despair to slightly manic hope.  I can’t see an end to all of these new frightening events.

Tuesday’s slogan had been written a couple of months ago but fits in with the uncertainty clouding over the country.

Slogan 12 Where Is The Motivation To Pull Us Out Of All This Crap?


Wednesday 13th July 2016
Yay another fun filled day.

I really want this project to have some positivity in it somewhere.

When a happy day comes I’ll make a really pretty and elated picture.

Slogan 13 I Can’t See Past The End Of My Nose.  I Can’t See Past The End Of The Day.


Thursday 14th July 2016.
So many sackings, actual sackings not shuffling, in the cabinet.  It was pretty amusing.

And then it really wasn’t.

Slogan 14 I Am Hesitant To Celebrate


So the explanations for each slogan were still pithy.  Thinking back to that week the series of events in both world news and uk politics were extraordinary and overwhelming.  Additionally that day the main news story was that monstrous attack on Nice.  Suspect I’d run out of things to say or think.

Recently this slogan idea was taken in a slightly different direction.  I was invited to perform at for a Duckie show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern last weekend.  I combined a previous live art performance idea with a slogan.  I’ll try to get a new post about this on here in the next day or so.

Thank you for reading,