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Hello there,

Thankfully I didn’t make an actual actual promise to post more this week.  It seems that as soon as I do start talking publicly about increasing the number of work posts my ability to do so is less likely.

It’s not bad time management exactly.  More that if this were an ideal world there would be five of me with specifically programmed brains for various functions.

One for this kind of blog writing, maintaining and updating – a social media and marketing brain.  Another to do all the house work, shopping and cooking.  The next for organising and setting up of exhibitions, jobs, residencies and so on.  A fourth for fundraising, money making tasks.  And the last one (who I really want to be) gets to sit and think and make stuff all day and night.

Oh and a sixth can be added for all the self care and sleep activities.

I’m still playing catch up here.  Next week could still be busy.  Need to write a blog for week 12 later today and here I’m only up to week 5.  And then there’s that other blog about a performance which still needs putting together.  I half considered posting two weeks in the same post though it seemed too much.  Blogs of length are off putting.  However as I have no idea of the readership size for this one maybe it doesn’t matter.


Here is the summary for Useful Tactics Week 5.

In this week I was rather pleased with myself for working continuously on a project for a whole month.  That I’d managed to put out a picture for every day in July.  To mark this accomplishment Week 5 was a bit different.


Friday 5th August 2016 Slogans Project Week 5: The Slogan Story

I alluded to a story made of slogans in last week’s project round up.  And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I had a basic idea of the story arc and then some of it happened instinctively.  So part planned part improv.  Some slogans I wrote a while ago, some were written especially.

I doubled up on the posts on this blog:  The first post showing the title and numbered slogan as usual, then a second post with a little bit of extra writing, or short chapter, to accompany the same picture.  I dunno if this worked for people.  I don’t tend to get feed back (other than a comment on a solitary spelling mistake in yesterday’s slogan), though I would very much like to know what people think about this work.

So then here are Slogans 29 – 35, seven slogans from Friday 29th July through to and including Thursday 4th August.

Part 1The Penniless Classless Artist

No identity

No money

No infamy

I am nothing but I want to be something.



Part 2 The World Is Not My Oyster

My further education began in 1999.  Four years of art school.

The government told us we could be artists.  I was told I could be an artist even though I don’t come from wealth.

I was told I could be anything I wanted.

I was told that as a young woman things would be better and easier.

THEY lied.



Part 3 You Can Stop Me From Being An Artist.
           But You Can’t Stop Me From Being Depressed.

It was like I wasn’t allowed to be an artist.  Forbidden to be a success.

Forbidden to get anywhere in the only field of work I’m any good at.

Still they can’t stop me from being very sad about it.

They can’t forbid that just yet.



Part 4 Perhaps I Am Nothing. Definitely I Have Nothing.
           Therefore, I Have Nothing Left To Lose.

A turning point.

When you are already rock bottom and then you remember that you are slightly clever.

Realising that this cleverness can help you out.

It dawns on you that you literally have no assets to lose.

You have no responsibilities like a family.

You cannot afford a house or mortgage so that’s not an issue.

So then.




Part 5 This Is The Voice From The Bottom Of The Well
I Didn’t Come Here I Just Fell
But I Found A Rope Ladder

So then.

Having fallen to the bottom and working out that you can’t be frightened by defeat what do you do next?

Plan, work, build.





I pick myself up. I start to believe I can do stuff.  Then a new hurdle appears.

I used to think, “Oh well”.

I used to believe “I couldn’t do that. It’s too much.”

I can’t afford this uncooperative thinking.

So I’m learning how to think.




Part 7 Unafraid, Unconcerned, Sharpening.  This Is Not A Drill.

Finding myself with a new set of thoughts.  I’ve begun to reprogram my brain to be more cooperative.

Considering to believe the positivity of action.

The story doesn’t end exactly.  Instead that old fear and discontent fades.

That injustice fuelled anger can be put to a better use.

Therefore the story goes on and continues for as long as it needs to.

and so on.


Thank you for reading and viewing and so forth.

I’ve been thinking about different ways of taking this project forward.  One thing that keeps coming to mind is asking for commissions.  So you there reading this, do you have an idea for a slogan you would like me to make?

If so please do add it onto this blog or send me a message/question.

And of course feedback is welcomed.



Back to 23rd September.

Yep that “thinking about different ways of taking this project forward” is still very much in my mind.  If only I had a specific brain programmed for selling work.

I’ve posted all the pictures in an album on Facebook where someone asked if I was exhibiting anywhere soon.  I wish I wish I wish.  My funds are exhausted and the year is running out.  Perhaps next year.

Well now.  Still time left today to vacuum, cook a tarka daal and come up with a new picture.


Thank you for reading,