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Hello there,

I am now going to make a note about my frame of mind and then move on swiftly.

The frame of mind I’ve dealt with over the past couple of weeks has been difficult.  I’m not great at the end of the Summer as a rule.  September is annoying because it’s a count down to my birthday.  Birthdays wouldn’t be an issue if I was a) younger, b) more successful, or c) both a and b.  Memories of what happened in 2004 and the run up to my 24th birthday constantly nudge and interrupt their way into my everyday thinking. The details of that year creep into work but I reckon I’ll have to make one big ole series of pieces that tackle all of the horror head on one day.  So that will be fun.

In addition to the general change of season, the “everything dies” thoughts and getting older, I’m exhausted.  This project has done wonders for my work ethic which is brilliant.  However I got to a point, as I’ve mentioned before in these blogs, that I’ve been doing too much.  I still made work and achieved more than expected this week but I’ve been kinder to myself in the process.

Also I’ve organised a small exhibition at the end of November and that’s cheered me up a bit.  Obviously the crowing and advertising of that will be done on this site over the next month or so.

So then about these slogans.  Ideas for them come in fits and starts.  For the week I’m about to share I made a point of disclosing that the words weren’t coming so easily.  It was at this point that I started using more of the slogans written months beforehand and were sitting around waiting to be published.

In week 6 the Rio Olympics began, I learnt about #SelfCareSunday and I attempted to give a slogan to SumOfUs for their campaign on palm oil.


Friday 12th August 2016 – Slogans Project Week 6

Week 6 Week 6

I’m at a point in this project where I’m struggling to get ideas for new slogans.  Which is probably apparent in this week’s collection.

Let’s get on with it then.

Last week was a whole story.  I nearly carried that idea on with a series of three slogans I’ve made but not yet published, however it didn’t feel like the right time to release those yet.  Instead my slogan for Friday 5th August 2016 is slightly in response to a comment that was made on a small spelling mistake.

I was sort of irked.  And then I thought about how correcting can be used to make someone feel small.  That corrections could be used to make someone feel like a failure.

Slogan 36 Being Corrected Does Not Mean Failure


Saturday 6th August and Slogan 37 Half Price On The Future

Written earlier this year it is a true story.  I thought an advert on the side of a bus exclaimed “Half Price on the Future”.

This is one of my boyfriend’s favourites as it is “It’s just sort of funny and poignant and existential and relatable all at once”.  Which is exactly what I was going for.


Sunday’s slogan is a little celebration about not sliding into old bad habits.  Instead of doing nothing I got a load of housework done so that I didn’t have to do all on Monday morning.  I was tired and not feeling particularly happy but I managed to make myself do all this activity and then got on with some nice work.

Additionally I was unaware until then of #SelfCareSunday so it all fitted together nicely.

Slogan 38 If You Can It Is Best Not To Give In To An Uncooperative Brain

Slogan 39 I’m Not Purposely Ignoring All The Sport

Monday’s slogan was a small nod to the fact that the Olympic Games was going on and that I hadn’t done any kind of nodding at it.

It’s kinda sad that I usually feel quite prickly toward this institution, and in fact toward most of these massive sporting events.  It’s due to the money involved and the amount of people who get screwed over.  The slave labour vs the glory of the well paid athletes.

It’s more politics and about the haves and the have nots.  It makes me sad and cross (like pretty much everything else in the world).

Having said that I broke my little viewing boycott last night for the gymnastics.  I always do because these athletes are always so impressive (Simone Biles!).  And I dare say I’ll watch the athletics because these athletes are always so impressive (Jessica Ennis-Hill!).  Aaaand I expect I’ll watch the women’s boxing because Nicola Adams! is so impressive.


Meanwhile the campaigning/petition toting group SumOfUs launched a new video highlighting Pepsi Co.’s use of unsustainable conflict palm oil.  So I wrote all this about it.



One of the reasons for starting this project was to make work about issues I have an issue with.  I have a particular issue with deforestation and cash crops, palm oil being perhaps the worst of the lot.  Its hidden is almost everything.

So then for those who read this stuff and would like to know more about how horrifically evil palm oil is here are a couple of links to peruse.


Wednesday’s slogan is going back into the political and socialistic and chip on my shoulder theme.

I’d not heard of the Duke of Westminster before it was announced that he’d died at the age of 65 leaving millions of pounds to his heir, who is only 25.  So there’s a young person who now owns large areas of London.

So I made this.

Slogan 41 So Few, So Many


And on to the last one.

Slogan 42 Misreading My Notes: Name Calling Session

This is another one I’d written a while ago.  I’d considered publishing it a few times but I wanted to release it when the right tone and mood.  This week seemed the best time given that I’ve been labeled along with a large number of people as a Trotskyite.

In this notebook I have for FWN info my scrawling handwriting turned Voice Coaching Session into what looks like Name Calling Session.

I don’t think I’m a “Trot”.

So then, this was Week 6 and another slogan will be posted in due corse on this here Slogans page



So the previous week had been a small celebration but I can see in here the beginnings of feeling worn out.

Looking at the posts on I can see that my first one introducing Useful Tactics was posted on 15th August, three days after the Week 6 blog.  My thought processes must have been out to find a bigger audience.

I’m glad I decided to start blogging on this site.
It’s great to have feedback.

I have another fully scheduled afternoon ahead but I will be posting yet another slogan a little later.

As always thank you for reading.