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While I’m waiting for my polystyrene to come I think about the next stages.

I have chosen the outer material to be Jesmonite, because it is water based and far less toxic then fibreglass. Because I can work it myself, and I enjoy the direct plaster approach, which allows me to add on, like in a modelling process. But also to take off, to work against a hard surface like stone or wood, once it has set off. Which means finding the form by shipping and filing away. This allows me to feel myself into the sculpture, to be completely emerged into the process which is always an incredible experience as it involves a transfer of energy!

I used plain white Jesmonite in my previous projects, but that doesn’t seem right for this outdoor project. Also I have to find a finish that will withstand all year weather conditions. So I’m in the process of producing lots of samples and try out different colours and finishes. Tomorrow I will pick up samples from the car body workshop. To see what car metallic paints look like on the material…

Hoping for the happy accident!