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A view of my hell kitchen, where life is infused into a future goddess.

The work is intense, but I’m happy how the piece for the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize is coming along.
Adding material and filing back to find the form. My rather traditional way of processing creates a strong bond and quite an intimacy with the piece.
It is long, and it needs to be! I’m learning so much. It is actually only now that I really understand the lines, volumes and rhythms, that I have created! The smaller 3d model was created rather intuitively following the 2d drawings. Working intensively on the reals size sculpture I finally understand the natural linkage of curves and proportions of volume. I’m actually amazed of what i had found already unconsciously and can now rectify what is not quite working yet.

Laying the sculpture into a horizontal position, putting it upside down, not only allows to access difficult to reach areas, but also offers a different perspective and again a learning curve. It helps to check the flow of the forms and perfect it. And, I derive a whole array of ideas for subsequent sculptures. I’m all excited.