Wow….. months since I blogged. So much and Nothing has happened.

Covid lockdowns – In common with many artist friends, I felt a sense of paralysis. Unable to move forward…. stuck ……waiting for inspiration….for things to get better.

Husbands illness – thankfully partly resolved – pacemaker fitted – gradual recovery.

Lost my Sudbury studio…moved into the dining room at home….but this just didn’t work. My working space is important and has a big impact on how I feel about art. It sounds like an excuse but to me it feels real and necessary to have a space where I feel comfortable. I’m sure I’m not alone in this?

Gained beautiful new garden studio – see photo below…. Now feeling quite optimistic there’s hope on the horizon for a further step forward.


Discovered I enjoy long walks across the flooded Water Meadows (

in my posh new French boots.)

This inspired new work of course and following on from the Newlyn Art School online course which I bought in desperation after months of artists block, I seem to have struck out again on efforts towards abstraction.

So now it’s onwards and upwards….. I hope ???