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Well I think it worked out.

Went back to my default mode and made an observational drawing which enabled me to reconsider the scale and details of the flowers, among other things. Then when I went back to the painting the composition fell into place. I next let the paint lead and I followed. I also worked in a slightly more methodical way than usual – mixing the colour in the palette rather than stumbling it straight onto the canvas in my rush to get the image down as usual. Taking it more slowly and then letting layers dry before slapping on the next range of colour. I’m definitely growing up…it’s scary.

And here’s a detail showing acrylic with intense pencil lightly applied over.
Anyway, I’m actually quite pleased with the result as opposed to the first rather slap-dash version in my last blog.

Think I’m starting to panic about getting a body of work together for the exhibition in Norwich and the potential foray into other galleries in Aldeburgh and maybe the Sentinel in Wivenhoe….body of work !!! Help, that definitely sounds grown-up