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This image resulted from a failed painting which I obliterated with the paint left in the palette. It suggested an image of found objects which I had sketched on Walton beach a while ago, after a period of stormy weather. It’s an interesting place which I return to often for inspiration. Letting the paint lead me frequently ‘works’. Why do some paintings just happen when you least expect it? I quickly capitalised on this discovery with a second more considered image.But already it had elements of figurative images which began to scare me.

It made me return to my concertina sketchbook drawings of the beach and I wondered if I could pull off a landscape of the area to act as an anchor for a new series. I began this but straight away it started to become laboured. Not sure where to take it next. It’s in danger of becoming figurative, loosing the energy of the first two.

Art is such a funny old business. There’s no straightforward path or formula for success. Every painting becomes a leap of faith, a conundrum to be solved and the route is never the same. You have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Never mind. Maybe I’m thinking too much. I need to let go and give in to the paint again. I’ll keep going and something , I hope, will click into place. I don’t know how else to work out what to do… just keep ‘doing it’ Somehow blogging helps I think. I forget that people will read my thoughts. I’m really just talking to myself on paper…. well on my Apple actually.