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Confusion reigns again ! had my most serious yet attempt at selling my work in Norwich at Art Fair East. A steep, steep learning curve. I sometimes wonder why I’m putting myself through the rigours of an MA in Fine Art….no not really….I’m loving the challenge. But it’s slightly weird in that for most students there’s a purpose – looks good on the CV; a step on the career ladder etc. but ….let’s face it – I’m approaching the end of my life. I don’t need to advance my career. I’m doing this for pure enjoyment and to satisfy my constant craving for knowledge and my addition to painting.

The by-product is that I produce more bits of art than I know what to do with and I’m running out of space to stack the canvases, never mind the acres of life-drawings I produce at the smashing class I started to attend on Monday mornings at home in Sudbury. I go into Ipswich (Suffolk University ) on Thursdays and sometimes other days and I’m starting a 10 week printmaking course at Gainsborough House in January which will produce yet more stuff.

So logically, I have to either ditch some of it or sell it. It’ll all go in a skip when I die but in the meantime it would be quite fun to sell. So I tried the Art Fair.

And guess what….I sold a painting ! This one.

But it wasn’t a painting which fits in with what I’m doing on my MA. So the dilema is do I stay true to my mission to develop my art in an intellectual dimension or do I paint what will sell easily?

I suppose I concentrate on the MA at least for the moment. It’s important to retain integrity through my practice so I think I really do know where I’m going. There, think I’ve answered my question. If it does eventually sell, it’s a bonus. If not, it won’t be my worry if it ends up in the skip after I’m gone.