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Sorry to blog again so soon, but I’ve just had another light-bulb moment so have to blog it before I forget it.

I  completed (I think?) a painting this morning and after making a coffee, returned to the studio for a second look and was immediately struck by the memory of seeing Bill Jacklin’s work at a small exhibition at the RA. I swear I didn’t look at his work before making this painting!

I rushed to look through an old sketchbook and there was an account and illustrations of his work. Further trawling through the internet revealed an interesting Vimeo interview with Jacklin about how his work is all about light, plus research contained within his copious sketchbooks –  lovely little figurative drawings of people and places. These form the backbone of his subsequent paintings and prints.

I couldn’t help thinking that really so many painters, including myself work in this same way. What an artist/painter then goes on to create is where the magic comes in. The same working practice results in a startling plethora of different outcomes.

The brain is a wondrous thing. The memory of seeing Jacklin’s work, probably along with Degas, Giacometti and who knows who else, has obviously lodged in the back of my brain. Along with my own drawings, my feelings & memories of Kate, the brief video (see previous blog-post), these recollections of artists work seen over the years, have all combined to make this latest painting.

That’s what the process of painting is all about. Having to describe all this in my Reflective Journal sometimes drives me crazy!!

And here’s the painting.