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This was the main exhibit at my final MA exhibition.

It surprised me that people seemed to like the video which inspired the paintings. Is this the way forward? I think the subject of underwater floating fabric of the dress I wore for the swim was the main attraction.

After losing an underwater camera in the sea at Southwold during a swim to relieve the feelings of falling off a cliff at the end of the MA, I then had an idea of how to proceed. Happily I still had my GoPro and the swim was wonderful. It occurred to me that it would be great to travel around the UK swimming in Lido’s and the sea  and making art about the joy of wild swimming.

A talk by the Arts Council Grant team was so complicated that I’ve almost decided I’d rather go it alone. Apart from the application process, it might prove quite restrictive. And I’m continually setting myself impossible goals so maybe it’s better to slow down, sit back and let things drift.

Anyway, we’ll see. In the meantime I have to prepare a programme to teach an art class once a week from 10 till 3 every Thursday. Also am going back to the life-class I attend on Mondays. And then there’s The Shed – a new alumni group I’m joining for informal crits and general get-together sessions. That should be good….slowing down ????

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