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On following a suggested link, from a comment on my last blog on studio space, I have discovered an artist who has some similarities with my own practice. A slight obsession with the subject of water. He seems to be drawn towards painting water as often as myself. Not sure if he shares my passion for immersing myself in water too?

But it’s good to know that someone else shares my simple pleasure in this most fundamental element. I have frequently wondered if this subject is enough in the face of contemporary artists who seem to focus on more intellectual, concepts and strongly political issues such as poverty,  gender issues, Global warming and other quite difficult themes.

The endless  tactile,  visual and emotional experience of observing and being within water are more than enough to sustain my artistic practice forever.

That feeling of otherworldliness as you slip beneath the surface never ceases to thrill me. The sensation of weightlessness, freedom of movement and escape from reality is like a drug. Endeavouring to express just a fraction of what that feels like, through my paintings is a challenge which will never be fully accomplished but equally will never cease to be a challenge.

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