It seems to me that the great painters of religion of the past can never be equalled, so awe-inspiring were their works. And it also seems to me that these paintings were for all time, but are not the only thing possible for this time, and that new art of religion would be different.
I have tried to create original works that speak to twenty-first century people, of something of the Bible and God. I have tried to make them meditative works, so that people can put preconceived ideas behind them and come afresh to these ideas. When I did the paintings, I put on gentle music and worked relatively peacefully. The Jesus Christ and Eden paintings were made up mainly from loads and loads of my finger prints, like sorts of children’s paintings (which is a contemporary trend). I suppose an abstract picture of Jesus could be said to be cold, but I think that Jesus is above such things – an abstract could show some aspects of Him.
People look for truth through visual art, through people, through community. I would be very glad if my art helps anyone find the truth.

Image: ‘Jesus Christ’ Copyright Julia Wilkinson
Oil on chunky canvas. 2014-15.
76cmx1m22cm (2’6″x4′)