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I’ve had a busy week end preparing for Wednesday’s walk, Walking in the Footsteps of the Huguenots as part of the exhibition @The Republic of Brexitopia  at Espacio Gallery. The walk will start from Espacio at 1 pm.

For more about the exhibition:

The walk is part planned and part wandering to allow for happy encounters. We will start the walk at the exhibition where we will explore the exhibits and record our engagement through making knots using the ropes I have made specifically for this walk.

We will then head towards selected locations which link to chosen readings about weaving, creativity and the history of refugees settling in the area. The readings I will be referencing include Cecilia Vicuña’s Impossible Weaving, Tom Inglis’ Lines and Carlos Varela’s song Walls and Doors. I will also be highlighting the work done by The Refugee Tales which I hope to complement as a part of the walk.

As always there are  many connections between this walk and groups, walking locations and related projects I am involved in like, Walking with The Waste Land.

For more about Walking with The Waste Land:

I learnt about The Refugee Tales through Jonathan Skinner professor of ecopoetics at Warwick University. Karen Parker who works at the Mead Gallery, which is co-collaborating with The Turner Contemporary on a Journey with The Waste Land, organised for me to walk with Jonathan, as we share a love of Cecilia Vicuña’s work.

I am so indebted to all the people I have met through walking and talking over the last three years. All these threads have now come together to create next  Wednesdays walk . For more about this and previous walks, please visit my blog:l

Looking forward to walking, talking, creating new encounters next Wednesday. Who knows where this might lead to!