My intention this week was to start marking out the 2nd wall painting. This 2nd image involves drawing straight lines over 6 metres long – to make up a series of very long, thin triangular forms. In order to do this we were going to scan a scaled drawing into a computer and then enlarge to full size as a series of sheets that can be blue tacked to the wall in proper order. The next step being to pounce through onto the wall a series of marks then joining up the marks with a straight edge.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances the cartoon was not available. Hopefully they will be next week as I am keen to start work on the second image.

I made good progress with the first wall painting – filling in blocks of cadmium yellow. Needless to say more than one coat of paint is required. The process is time consuming but I am pleased with the results so far.


First 2 days of project – marking out.

No particular problems with the first of the two images. Simply measuring and marking and connecting point to point with a straight edge. Except of course, the straight edge is over 2.5 metres long – held arms outstretched, while kneeling 6 feet off the ground on a scaffold tower. If I've climbed that tower once, I've climbed it a hundred times. I must be getting old, muscles aching – mental note to get some knee pads.

Day 2 – First image marked out, beginning to block in first colours- after masking these areas off. Now, this is much more fun! although there's always a nagging worry that when masking is removed the base coat ends up being removed with it. Huge sigh of relief, on this occasion, no problem.

Next week – would like to mark out image 2 – so that I can alternate work as paint drying times dictate. Hope to have some photos to show.