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Positioning of object, related to placement, but for this example was a different strategy. Re-reading that sentence makes me more conscious that actually positioning of objects is more different than initially considered. This is about the placement of the wardrobe and it’s orientation in space rather than in relation to another object.Themes of expectations and ‘usual’ positions are played on, and what happens to an object if it is placed differently, whether it is ‘out of context’ or out of ‘function’. The point of the wardrobe being to house and protect clothes, it needs to be upright to do this so that they hang down from a rail. To move it’s orientation undermines this function.

I don’t recall unfortunately, how or why I came to move it in this way, I think it was just trying out possibilities with the given restrictions of the wardrobe in the space.

I found it interesting moving the wardrobe in this way, but once I laid it down on its back I couldn’t move it. It remained there coffin-like for several weeks.

Almost frozen by this connection I began to notice (and perhaps distract myself with) the space it was in much more and became involved in documenting the (by now quite confined space of the) alcove in great detai, leaving the wardrobe in relative peace for a while.