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I did not have the words when I started this blog. Looking back at it now it feels scant and sporadic, and tells me little of what was happening. The lack of verbal language, reflected here, is perhaps why I did the work I did – sitting on my own in a windowless crypt with an empty piece of old furniture, week after week. Looking back through my journals of the time, they are full of random rantings and shopping lists, none of which speak of the loss or memories of my nan.

I’m revisiting this blog now as I have a new piece of work – writing prompted by the recent Life Histories and Life Writing conference at Falmer. The work has contributed to the new website by the Life Writing & Life Histories Department¬†at Sussex University. I am very happy to be keeping such good company with many wonderful projects. A weaving of words, film and photography brings life events, memories, ordinary and extra ordinary to a new home.

This Wardrobe Diaries blog was a platform to gather images and thoughts together after losing my nan. Her wardrobe was my starting point. Looking back there are few thoughts shared, perhaps few thoughts had. The notes suspended from the ceiling were all blank. I did not have the words. It has been really interesting to see what words I now have and to put them together to contextualise the work and pull the project together into a more coherent piece of work.

The full piece can be found here: Wardrobe Diaries