Gathering quite a prestigious rejection letter and email pile now. Who else can I get a ‘no’ from?

On an even more positive note, my Bathe piece of work is reaching the point where I have to make it full size again, so I am sourcing materials to put it together, and this time bigger than previously made. The week has been dedicated to getting this figured out.

Went to see ‘in audible: The Baroque Cello Project’ yesterday at The Chape

l in Abergavenny and I went into it knowing next to nothing about the project and just observed and listened. This project features cellist Sion Dafydd Dawson from Cardiff and classically trained Laura Moy, curated by Leona JOnes . See

After my initial hesitation (there was a life drawing class on usually) to enter, I found myself in a large caverous chapel space, with Sion sat at the cello and playing in response to Laura’s dropping, clapping together and creatively moving the wooden shavings and offcuts from the making of the baroque cello being played. It is an intriguing installation, first performed in Cardiff Queen’s arcade in an empty shop. Observing the performance, which is not something that comes across at all via video and your device of choice, the distraction of the everyday world stills, while being confronted by a serene, connected performance which responds to the soundscape of the particular place and time.

Glad I made the effort to get there and that my curiosity won out!

The little museum of Ludlow is on its last day, but I don’t think that’s the end. Today’s performance involves getting loaned items back to people.

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The little video I did back in April projecting a word through pinpricks onto a wall.

I’m now back to considering the words I’m using to project. So I came by the words I’m using by photocopying a few pages of The New shorter oxford English dictionary at my local library, which has 3767 pages. I chose to look at the page numbers relating to the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and so this was pages: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597 and 2584. Limiting the scope of the parts of the dictionary I’m looking at means the task is manageable. Using the Fibonacci sequence means there are a lot of small numbers and therefore many pages of words beginning with ‘a’, this is unintentional but doesn’t matter as I am simply trying to highlight the words I don’t understand yet out of a limited number of pages, 17 in this selection.
In trying out this idea with black sheeting I had the photocopied sheets from the dictionary and highlighted words and chose words to pick out in pin pricks fairly at random, but was more inclined to include interesting words – from their shape, what I initially thought they meant and from their definition. I consider this to be a suitable way to choose words to use.

I’m thinking I should get all the definitions of the 255 words onto a document, but on considering it, it is the dullest thing I could now do with this exciting work.
The exciting bit is the words into light. Why? The projection of the words onto skin and surfaces is almost magical. Low-fi light play. In a time of digital and laser, what place does my simple light-play occupy?

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