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First of all, here’s the video link to my chaos / order talk, edited by Teresa Albor.

With Poet Martin Evans today.

(Written in morning) Yesterday he was there on his own and the library was closed (foyer & little museum open) so very low footfall. He wrote a couple of poems which he’ll bring in today.  Looking forward to meeting him as we’ve been emailing and found we have quite a few overlapping interests and I wonder what we’ll come out with today!

On the train ride home:

Have now met Martin and wife Kerri and spent most of the session in conversation about everything, numbers, fibonacci, houses, wild flower meadows, Lucozade, scratch card factory and more.

Martin has livened up the item numbering system, one of our numbers today was √-2. Francis Clarke left behind her water bottle, which I only discovered when I checked if it was Martin’s, so that is now itemized in our book.  And now I have just discovered on needing some water, that I too, have left my water bottle!  On Martin and Kerri’s walk around Ludlow they came back with a vehicle mud flap, steam train ticket, hairband, nail file and a paint roller.  Ecce brought in a margarine tub full of garden digging findings, china fragments, glass bottle top, clay pipe stem.  She brought it  in just before I left so I just had a chance to briefly look at it.

Martins poems of 3 objects, a dunkin’ donut bauble, a cigarette packet and a Lucozade bottle (found just outside the library and a bit of a coincidence as Martin had been collecting them along a certain road (look up) see his website for that. These are now on our website

In my book of questions on chaos and order, there are more questions, many I can’t (yet) answer and I must remember to print out some that have been emailed to me.

I want to have a play with the china fragments that came in from Ecce, why? It’s like the finds from an archaeological dig, finding remains from owners past of her Ludlow escape hole.

I am finding myself not analysing what we are doing too much while there.  The further analysing may go on afterwards, in the gathering together the documentation stage, that will most likely be much longer than the Ludlow Fringe festival itself.