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Everything all at once.  I have realised I am not very good at introducing my work (currently reading ‘The Art Rules’ by Paul Klein).  One of my aims this year is to get my work into at least 6 shows/venues and I’m not going to get far with this if I can’t briefly say what kind of art I make – my answer at the moment is quite convoluted and probably unclear (like one of my favourite phrases ‘Wood for the trees’).  So I am drafting this:

Words and text are a core aspect to my practice, whether through paint, print or expanded into community involvement and collaboration.  I make art to wake myself up to see the world as clearly as I can through perceived and real complexities.

I suppose this is partly triggered by being asked what I do (often) by people I meet through my up the road convenience store p/t job as well as in private view and general life situations.

Looking into the work of Theaster Gates at the moment, I’m interested in how he talks about his work compared to how it appears without any narrative.   A good book on him would help here, hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to visit my local art college library in the next week or so.

The news sheet I mentioned yesterday is nearly drafted, I am also waiting to hear back from the printers whether they can source the light salmon pink paper I’d like it printed on.  The nature of this task, with lots of little elements, the writing and the communications and organisation to ensure the news sheet is factually correct seems vast to me now.  I am pressing myself to keep in mind the overall aim of the project and the aim of this news sheet to get the word out and the sooner the better.  I am needing it to be translated into Welsh for one side – so having to get all the text to translator by 3pm today… can I do it?

Then it’s playing with the design to get the message across as I’d like – need a graphic designer to hand really.  Need a bigger budget or favours to call in!