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My usual camera has given up working completely after a lot of good use.  My photography has been via photographers for events and in getting my finished work photographed or on my camera phone, which is ok, but I’m really not getting good results.  My husband has a digital SLR for photographing his opal jewellery, it’s a fairly recent thing.  I did have a go on it a few weeks ago but couldn’t get the hang of it, got impatient and gave up, thinking this is way too hard!  Now I have read (some of) the instructions, got some great tips from a friend and I have been having another bash at it.  This (very talented) friend suggested that I practice my camera skills in the middle of every day, taking photographs of whatever I have been working on in the studio in the natural light available.

I picked up the camera today, doing lazy Sunday morning things, son on the Pi and holding cat on the stairs, showing me what his homework was, I also attempted to take images of Andrew blow torching silver into a melting ball.  The DSLR camera piqued my son’s interest too and before long we were back and forth with the camera. It has been in demand today!  Potatoes roasting in the oven.  Then walking at Clydach Gorge in the late afternoon light.