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Frustratingly my perspex box frames arrived a day late meaning I didn’t have everything framed in time for the planned first day of hanging the show in the barn. So after lunch in the shade of a tree Louisa and I were only able to hang two pieces and plan for the remainder, which I shall try and hang on Monday. It does always take longer than one thinks and the heat made it more frustrating than usual. On the positive side I was given a whole box of nails for free by VJ Technology when we realised the ones I had were too short …

I had mounted all the work initially but then decided not to mount it and to put the work into the frames using magnets wrapped in archival linen mounting tape – a low-tech DIY version of some techniques I’ve read about on the internet for mounting delicate Asian/Chinese work. Frames have always been a problem for me and I think I am now getting near a solution.