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I haven’t been on here in a while AGAIN! Been busy juggling my course at Chelsea and childcare, and also helping organise this amazing month of events at Guest Projects/Shonibare Studios with AltMFA:


Our month residency at Guest Projects starts in a week’s time!

We’ve been busy organising and scheduling in an incredible array of free events, artist talks, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and more – view the calendar of events on the AltMFA website and come along to one, two, three or ALL of the events!



Highlights from the events calendar:

  • Screening of Westmonster by Mark McGowan, The Artist Taxi Driver
  • exhibition of works by AltMFA artists
  • MUSICKING Art Band Night with BBKP, Ochlocracy Orchestra, Rainham Sheds & more
  • Members of Extra Special People, Birmingham: Meghan Allbright, Beth Kettel and Emily Warner will be in space
  • ‘On Claims of Radicality’ symposium, with altMFA, School of the Damned & Open School East 
  • Night of the Long Spoons (feast event) curated by Dunya Kalantery – El Bulli meets Red Dwarf…
  • Talk by anthropologist Eve Wilson & artist Elly Thomas
  • 12HRS workshop with Kathryn Miller
  • Video-Sculpture exhibition with work by altMFA members Natalie Sanders & Rebecca Glover
  • Reading Group
  • Symposium on Video-Sculpture
  • Artist Talk with Lindsay Seers
  • R&D rehearsals of ‘Playful Menace’ featuring dancers on sculptures directed by Eldi Dundee
  • Marina Tsartsara – ‘Autobiography in Movement’ workshop    
  • Ilona Sagar artist TALK
  • The Drawing & Dancing Society
  • SAMPLES film festival curated by altMFA members Maru Rojas & AnnaMaria Kardos 
  • FRIANDS event by Newton Whitelaw & Ross McNichol
  • OPEN WEEKEND DAYS curated by Sadie Edginton
  • ‘Art for your sake’ Therapeutic arts workshop/ discussion with Charlotte CHW
  • Cluster Bomb Cut [a drift] – Canal-side Live Art workshop 
  • Lucy Thane & Oriana Fox – ‘A Mother of a Project: The Pilgrimage’ 
  • Jack Brown – ‘Floor Plan’ – Drop in Drawing Workshop
  • + PERFORMANCE event (curated by Sadie Edginton) with Calum F Kerr, Jude C Montague, Cluster Bomb + workshop participants, Sam Reynolds, Jasmine Lee, Scarlett Lassoff, Robert Foster, Andre Neeley & more           
  • Collective Lunch
  • TALK by Carla Cruz and António Contador International resident artists at Open School East
  • Artist-led crits led by Crit Group
  • Artist-led crits hosted by Peer Sessions
  • UNPERFORMING event curated by Louise Ashcroft
  • CLOSING PARTY with DJ Chalmers & friends

Some events will require advanced booking (though they are still free events)

Please see our website for ALL the details and booking links.

Hope to see you there!