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I’ve already shared about this, but wanted to share the outcome of my query to the Chelsea funding department, asking them to reconsider the scholarship criteria as they’ve unintentionally penalised single parents who have duties of childcare and can’t work part time on top of part time study for that reason – but they can’t change it for one student at this stage, or it will potentially open the floodgates to legitimate challenges from other students.

So I’m resorting to shameless begging on facebook.

“Does anyone have £8000 I can borrow for a low to no interest loan so I can do my Chelsea Fine Art MA once and for all please? Or, you know, any amount of money to lend for putting towards the fees?”

It’s humiliating, but got to be worth a try, right? I mean, f*ck it, why not? If it doesn’t get me any funding or sympathy, perhaps it helps open up the dialogue about PG funding a bit further?

“Already deferred once and can’t do so again. Have to give up the place otherwise which is making me feel sick. This is my last ditch attempt to raise affordable funds! (Career Development Loan terms are too steep and risky) Anyone, anyone, anyone? Beuller?”

I’m going to write to the Registrar and Exec Board as suggested by Chelsea’s funding department to thank them for the VC Scholarship but regret that I need to turn it down on the basis of my circumstances and kindly ask them to take that into account when deciding the criteria for next year’s students. So if someone else gets the same scholarship next year but for part time study, I will have done someone a good turn. I’ll be a wee bit jealous – I have no qualms about admitting to that – but I’ll also be a little bit happier knowing that I’ve been able to pay something good forward, instead of brooding in silence, licking my academic wounds.

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