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I’ve enrolled!!

A friend lent me some money (0% interest) to start the course, and now I am trying to raise the rest of the 1st year fees in a tiny bit over 2 weeks time – the grace period for cancelling a contract if need be is 21 days from date of online enrolment. For some reason it took 5 days from when I submitted my fundraiser to when they approved it to go live, but LIVE IT IS!

The crowdfunding story so far c/o the brilliant hubbub http://spsr.me/1v6ws55

Must add that even though I have enrolled, I’ve not been able to participate much due to the course timetable and my daughter’s school schedule and chocka diary of secondary school open day/evening visits! This week on the course, 100 or so MA students are giving 5 minute presentations on their work and practice. I got to see only a few on the day I enrolled, which was 3 days into the start of the course. I also got to see 3 impressive, inspiring, fun and very diverse presentations by former MA students: Alkiste Papadoupoulou, Francesca Ulivi and Alan Henry Gardiner.

Their degree show catalogue for reference.

But that’s it. I haven’t been back this week and won’t be able to attend ’til next.

But I think without a childminder pick up after school and look after my child for a couple of hours, even just a couple of days a week, I will struggle with being able to attend lectures and tutorials. I’m sure I’ll find a way around it somehow. At least the commute is fairly straightforward and not too long or far.

We’ll see if I can raise the minimum fees for this year so I can continue… Trying to relax into the unknown, but my bitten nails give it away that I’m not as relaxed as I’d like to be about the not knowing!

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